Barrels and Hoboks reinforced with sheet metal

Drums – hoboki of internal diameter 385 mm, made ​​of cardboard of coil (7 plies glued). Their edges are reinforced with galvanized steel sheet.

The bottom and lid are made in two versions:

  • with high strength and glued laminated fiberboard,
  • of galvanized steel sheet.
  • The lid has a gasket.

Pail is closed rim with lock coupler, and the remaining elements are properly impregnated cardboard. The diameter is fitted to the containers 20 and 40 alloy. These packages are designed to transport all kinds of bulk materials, liquids with a high degree thickens, explosives and pharmaceuticals. Ability to perform virtually any height of the drum is a feature that speaks for the versatility of these packages. Barrel to lepiku – is constructed on the same principle and successfully withstands the temperature of the liquid lepiku. These packages are not a problem at disposal.

BARRELS and hobocks are certified for hazardous materials for transport by land and sea.