Dutch ovens

Dutch ovens

The range of products offered by GRASO includes straw-fired Dutch ovens mainly for steam boilers. The Dutch oven design is based on our many years of experience gained in the production of straw-fired boilers and heaters. We are able to tailor the product to individual customer needs. Fuel is straw in the form of bales with dimensions of #120 x 120cm, #150 x 120cm, #180 x 120cm or big blocks 80cm x 130 cm x 250cm.

The use of a Dutch oven enables the obtaining of significant economic benefits within a short time. If you are interested in our range of products, please contact us.

Details Unit PDS-500 PDS-1000 PDS-2000
Power rating* kW 500 1000 2000
Temperature at the outlet of burners 0C ~1500 ~1500 ~1500
Fuel load 2bales fi 180x120 3bales fi 180x120 4bales fi 180x120
Straw moisture % 15
Weight of one charge kg ~500-600 ~800-900 ~1100-1200
Weight of unit with ceramics (gross) kg ~7000 ~9000 ~11000
Required exhaust draft Pa ~55 ~95
Thermal efficiency % 75-80
Installed capacity kW 05.maj 11
Dutch oven length mm-A 3600 4600 6150
Dutch oven width mm-B 2400 2400 2400
Dutch oven height mm-H 2450 2450 2450

Straw-fired boilers

In Poland, after harvesting grain, about 25-30 million tonnes of straw remains every year, of which 10 million tonnes is not utilised. But straw is biomass- an environmentally-friendly, alternative source of energy used for energy purposes.

During the combustion of straw the emission of gases into the atmosphere is minimal, and the balance of carbon dioxide is zero. The result of the combustion of straw is ash which contains phosphorus, potassium and calcium compounds, so it can be used as fertilise


Low cost of firing with straw up to 100kW - half of the cost of firing with coal. The bigger the boiler, the bigger the difference in cost to the advantage of firing with straw. If straw is from an individual agricultural holding, the cost is only the harvesting of straw from the field.

Owing to modern design and technological solutions furnaces achieve combustion efficiency of 80-90%.

A straw-fired furnace is a good solution for small and medium-sized enterprises, small housing estates, houses, schools, kindergartens, and above all, agricultural holdings with outbuildings (boiler for the dryer, greenhouse, etc.).