LDPE and HDPE Shrink Film

Shrink film

This material is used to easy, fast, clean and sustainable packing of all kinds of products in bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, and products made of wood, metal or plastic.

Thanks to high-performance and high-precision multilayer machines with gravimetrically controlled raw material feeding systems we may offer the shrink film of appropriate and constant physical and chemical properties to our Customers.

When selecting the film meeting the demand of each Customer we assume individual adaptation of chemical composition to the particulars of the product to be packed and to the packaging machine.

Thanks to diversity of our production lines, the shrink film offered to our Customers may be adapted to the individual requirements in terms of dimensions, strength, shrinkage and transparency.

Through the use of innovative technologies and the most advanced raw materials we guarantee constant quality of delivered film and the ability to use a thinner film of increased strength.

We manufacture: