Hood Shrinking Machine UOK 010


Pallet transporting line with UOK 010 shrinking machine is designed for collection of palletized loads, placing and shrinking of hoods with thermo-shrinking film and then carrying the load for collection. Electric blowers of UOK 010 machine are used for heating and shrinking the film.

Palletized load is collected by roller conveyor and it is carried to transporter under UOK 010 hood shrinking machine. Pallet with thermo-shrinking hood is placed between centering rollers. Shrinking frame, which is adapted to pallet dimensions can be started by means of START button on control box. Frame in top position is quickly lowered to the bottom of package initially heating the hood all the way and then it stops in the bottom for specified time in order to shrink the film. Then, the frame is moved to the top in order to finish film shrinking on the load. Frame speed can be configured by means of control box depending on thickness of hood’s film. Under shrinking machine transporter there is suction fan, which extracts air from hood. After shrinking, the load is carried from the transporter to outgoing transporter and then collected by personnel.

Pallet transporting line is equipped with safety barriers at the entry and exit of mesh panel zone.

Remaining elements of the line:
  • roller transporters, chain transporters,
  • pallet turntable.