Automatic packing machine ZPA 100


The ZPA 100 automatic packing unit is a device used to form packages from such packaging as bottles, cans, jars, cartons, etc. and to shrink film on a package. Wrapped packages are characterised by compactness and repeatability of shape. The automatic packing unit consists of a packing machine and a heat shrink tunnel arranged on a common frame.

A plate conveyor passes packaging to the area where a pusher operates. It has adjustable rails whose spacing is adjusted depending on dimensions of the transported packaging.

When the unit is started a cycle of automatic operation of the packing unit begins. A pusher is set in an initial position and enables the coming of packaging in front of the pusher forming frame. When the area in front of the pusher frame is filled, the pusher moves one row of the packaging forward and returns to its original position enabling the coming of the next products. After counting the set number of rows the pusher pushes the formed package forward behind a sealer to a collection table. During pushing film is fed by top and bottom unwinding mechanisms. A clamp holds the package when a sealing bar seals both strips of the film. The package wrapped in the film is pushed through by another package from the collection table to a wire mesh conveyor of a shrink heat tunnel. The wire mesh conveyor of the tunnel conveys the package through a heating chamber where the film shrinks to take the shape of the package. Proper air circulation is provided by an air mix fan. Then, the formed package passes under a cooling fan and goes to a roller outfeed table from which it is taken away by the operating personnel. Operating parameters of the packing machine and the heat shrink tunnel are set on a control box on the side of the machine.

The ZPA100 packing machine is equipped with a safety body made of Bosch sections, a system of automatic unwinding of film from an upper and bottom roll, worktops made of stainless steel, a constant-temperature sealing bar, speed control of the heat shrink tunnel conveyor belt, speed control of an infeed conveyor, temperature control of a sealing bar and inside a heating chamber, as well as rotational speed control of air mix fans.

    Additional options:
  • the machine in a stainless steel option,
  • curved or straight infeed conveyor,
  • single- or multi-row infeed conveyor,
  • the machine tailored to customer needs,
  • a different colour according to the RAL colour palette.
Technical specifications:
Power supply: 3x400/230V, f50Hz
Installed capacity: ~21 kW
Operating power: ~11 kW
Total weight: ~850 kg
Film width: max 600 mm
Air requirement: up to 18 m3/h
Film width: max 600 mm (depending on package)
Capacity: up to 15 cycles/min*
* depends on product type, package format and film used