Semi-automatic packing machine PPA 031


The PPA 031 packing machine is designed to wrap individual products such as bottles, cans, cartons, jars, wooden items, household chemicals, briquette, cemetery candles, etc. in shrink film to form bulk packages.

Packaging is put by hand on a table between adjustable arms of a pusher moved by a pneumatic actuator. After pressing the START button on a handheld control box the packaging is moved behind a sealing bar to a collection table. During pushing under the sealing bar the package is wrapped in film unwound from two rolls. A clamp holds the package during sealing and cutting the film. The packing machine cooperates with a heat shrink tunnel, e.g. TGW 40/50.

The packing machine is equipped with a system of automatic unwinding of film from an upper and bottom roll, worktops made of stainless steel and a constant-temperature sealing bar.

    Additional options:
  • the machine in a stainless steel option,
  • a mobile conveyor behind a sealing bar,
  • the machine tailored to customer needs,

Semi-automatic packing machine PPA 031

Technical specifications:
Power supply 3x400/230V, f50Hz
Installed capacity: ~1,5 kW
Operating power: ~0,8 kW
Capacity: up to 10 packages/min
Pneumatic system: pressure 0.6MPa, to 16m3/h
Weight: ~220 kg
Film width: max 600 mm (depending on the package)
Capacity: up to 10 cycles/min.*
depends on product type, film used and operator’s manual dexterity