Automatic Pallet Wrapping Machine FR 5

Owijarka Automat FR5

FR 5 is automatic device for operation in process line. The wrapping machine is designed for wrapping/protecting palletized loads with stretch film. Stretch film protects palletized load against adverse weather conditions, damages and dirt.

FR 5 is the part of transporting line, which includes pallet transporters and optional ZA 010 film putting unit.

The wrapping machine must be connected with pallet conveyor system consisting of at least three units, one unit in the upstream of wrapping machine and two remaining units in the downstream of wrapping machine, whereas the last unit functions as collection transporter. Transporters can be controlled by wrapping machine or from external unit.

Each time, FR 5 wrapping machine is adapted to individual requirements of customer.

Technical specifications:
Capacity: up to 40 pallets/hour
Platform rotation speed: up to 12 rpm
Transporter speed: 8 m/min
Transporter height: min. 400 mm
Power supply: 3x400/230V, f50Hz
Installed power: ~ 2.5 kW
Film thickness: 0.017 ÷ 0.030 mm
Film width: 500 mm
Max diameter of film reel: 240 mm
Max sleeve length: 520 mm

Pallet Wrapping Machine FR 5

General characteristics:
  • infinitely adjustable platform rotation, slow start and braking,
  • automatic platform positioning system,
  • automatic setting of the wrapping height,
  • eight possible operation programs,
  • film unreeling carriage with so-called twin-engine prestretching of the film /set on the operation panel the stretch value of the film within range 0÷400% and the film strain value between the carriage and the load in the range 0÷100%/,
  • automatic film hooking and cutting,
  • possible operation of wrapping machine without wrapping – as roller conveyor,
  • the post folded for transportation, control panel suspended on the post,
  • audible and visual signalling of wrapping machine condition,
  • programmable number of wraps at the pack bottom and top,
  • mesh panel system with 2200 height and safety barriers at entry of pallets to danger zone (mesh panels) and at the exit from the zone.
  • clamping unit for stabilization of load,
  • stepless control of the film unreeling carriage,
  • different dimensions of pallets,
  • unit for covering the load with film (Film putting unit ZAF 010),
  • simatec controller and touch panel,
  • increased loading capacity of rotating platform,
  • stainless steel execution,
  • operation in -25°C to +40°C temperature range,
  • reheating of film end to pallet,
  • various colours of machines according to RAL colour chart.